10 Reasons to Participate at GASTRO 2016!

Companies who wish to benefit from their participation at Gastro 2016 are offered a number of sponsorship options. With our Platinum, Gold, Silver sponsorship packages, you can choose a campaign that best suits you and your budget.

  • 01. Enjoy unmatched opportunity to network with peers, clients and new prospects.

  • 02. Consolidate relationships and expose your brands to key markets.

  • 03. Associate your brand with a major meeting in gastroenterology and hepatology.

  • 04. Expose your products and services to all attendees.

  • 05. Reinforce your credentials as a key player in the field.

  • 06. Discover current innovations, challenges and learn about global best practices.

  • 07. Showcase your solutions and latest innovations to decision makers.

  • 08. Benefit from access to top subject matter experts and visionary leaders.

  • 09. Generate revenue by closing and developing deals.

  • 10. Reap more value with innovative sponsorship offerings.

Sponsor & Exhibit at GASTRO 2016

This is the first time in the history of WGO that it joins forces with an Arab based organisation to jointly hold a co-organised meeting, which only emphasises the growing scope and demand for expertise in the UAE and the region.

Gastro 2016 promises to be the largest ever Gastroenterology & Hepatology gathering in the Middle East & Africa region and is expected to attract close to 2,500 health care professionals, medical specialists, policy makers at national, regional and international levels as well as academics and researchers, providing a unique opportunity for networking and brand/product positioning.

Gastro 2016 combines one of the region’s prominent exhibitions with an innovative and exciting congress,
featuring experts from around the world, where the gastroenterology & hepatology eld develops its future and shares its expertise.

Enhance your brand position and increase your exposure at Gastro 2016, driving real value and ensure your company stands out from the crowd by taking up one or more of the value-added opportunities!

Why Sponsor & Exhibit at GASTRO 2016?

The GCC’s healthcare market is experiencing stable growth. GCC governments continue to invest to modernize and reform its healthcare systems. The rising demand of healthcare services paired with restricted supply of healthcare solutions has resulted in governments across the GCC considering further partnerships with international healthcare providers.

The United Arab Emirates ranks among the top 20 countries in the world for healthcare spending per capita. The growth of the healthcare sector in the UAE is expected to expand exponentially in the next three to ve years.

Sponsorship at the Gastro 2016 provides premium market exposure by aliating with the leading body
on Gastroenterology & Hepatology. In addition to sponsorship, a comprehensive trade exhibition will be held, including the latest range of products and equipment relevant to the specialty.

Your organization will be at the forefront of all medical professionals, at all levels and all segments – corporate and government departments – including members and non-members of EGHS and WGO who participate from across the region.

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Create a real impact for your brand and provide a fantastic return on your marketing investment. All levels of the tiered sponsorship structure will provide the highest level of targeted brand exposure throughout the marketing life cycle of the event.

If you are looking to speak directly to a specic group of people, Gastro 2016 targeted branding opportunities will allow you to control your message and gain access to your chosen audience.


Flexible Bespoke Packages!

If have a unique idea on how you would like to maximise your presence at Gastro 2016, get in touch with us and we would be happy to work with you to develop a tailor-made sponsorship package that suits your needs and budget.